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Choose Chardonnay

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When you’re selecting your Chardonnay consider the following elements:

Determine the flavours you like in your Chardonnay. All you need to remember is that younger wines tend to be less complex than older varieties. So if you’re looking for a bolder Chardonnay an older vintage is the way to go.

Choose a country. Good Chardonnays are grown in many countries and each exhibits unique characteristics. Once you know what flavours you like you’ll be able to applies these to specific elements present in each Chardonnay from a given country and region.

Pick the right food. Chardonnays pair well with a variety of food. As we know wine is seldom enjoyed without cuisine so take note of what you’re drinking before you place that food order. Bear in mind that the more balanced Chardonnays go beautifully with shellfish or pasta. While fruitier varieties are fabulous with chicken and fish.

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