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Pillar 3: Quality Products

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Without quality products we wouldn’t have a business because we don’t believe that people should part with their hard-earned cash for rubbish.

You can taste the quality in every sip of our Laborie premium wines, cap classiques, fortified wines and brandies. From the vineyard to the cellar and beyond we work to ensure that your experience, with our brand, is nothing short of the best.

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With over 300 years of experience in the South African wine industry – from its inception to its present day success – Laborie has seen it all.

What’s more is we’ve learnt valuable lessons along the way. All of these lessons add up to create the Laborie of today.

We’re immensely proud of our history and heritage and when you open a bottle of our wine, our méthode cap classique, our fortified wine or our brandy, you can taste that experience in each sip.

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