Cured Salmon Trout Nicoise Salad

03 October 2018

I am a great lover of salads, especially if they are packed with flavour, colour and texture. This Nicoise salad delivers on all of the above and is always a winner. You can prepare this dish as a course on a menu, as a side dish or even serve it as a main course with some crusty baguette. The trout gets cured for at least a day in advance but just improves on standing. It is utterly delicious and sure thing to impress your guests

Serves 6 to 8


600 to 800 g of filleted fresh salmon trout about 3 to 4 fillets
1 teaspoon of fennel seeds
1 teaspoon of dil seeds
1 teaspoon of aniseed
1 teaspoon of dried coriander seeds
1 teaspoon of yellow mustard seeds
1 small chilli deseeded and chopped
100 g of sugar
100 g of coarse salt
200 ml of KWV Cruxland Gin
1 cup of chopped fresh fennel bulb and leaves
1 cup of chopped red onion

Salad Ingredients: 

2 cups of Baby salad leave
200 g of blanched asparagus and green beans
6 soft boiled eggs
125 ml of Anchovy flavoured mayonaisse


1 – Wipe the filleted salmon trout with a wet clean kitchen towel dipped in lemon juice and place in a flat oven tray the size of the fish
2 – Mix together all the dry spices ingredients and dry roast in a skillet for about 3 to 4 minutes until the first popping sounds and hints of smoke, remove and let it cool.
3 – Mix the dry roasted spices, salt and sugar and rub into the filleted fish being careful not to bruise the flesh of the fish
4 – Lay down the first fillet of fish and cover with some chopped fennel and onion and the dry spice mix, continue by stacking and spicing the fillets on top of each other
5 – Pour over the gin and place plastic cling film over the fish, place another oven tray or pan on top of the fish and press down with a heavy object (I find that my Foodie Magazines work the best!) Place in the fridge and let it cure for at least 24hours
6 – Remove and wipe off all the excess spices and thinly slice and prepare for the salad

Salad Method: 

Arrange all the ingredients onto individual plates or one large platter and garnish with caper-berries, salt and pepper to taste