Laborie Brut Tangerine Spritzer

03 October 2018

An oldie but goodie. Perfect as a sundowner after a long day or before dinner. Slightly dry with hints if citrus and grapefruit.

Serves 4

3 – 4 Fresh Tangerines
400 ml Aperol
1 Bottle of Laborie MCC Brut
200 ml Soda Water


1 – Cut the Nartjies into wheels and divide into 4 x Large Rocks glasses
2 – Pour 100 ml Aperol into each glass
3 – Fill glasses with ice
4 – Charge every glass with 150ml of ice cold Laborie MCC Brut
5 – Finally, top off each class with 50ml of Soda Water
6 – Serve with a straw and enjoy.