Laborie Rosé French Baguette and Camembert Braai Sandwich with Lavender Butter

I love everything about this sandwich, our take on a French inspired “Braai Broodjie”. The soft textures of the melted camembert makes an excellent match with the flowery perfumed lavender butter. The bread can be prepared in advance and grilled on the open coals, served on its own or with grilled trout or any other fresh grilled fish or serve as a side to a salmon salad. The butter is easy to make and has a beautiful soft whipped texture. To be decadent I add a bit of honey for extra depth of flavour.

Makes: 250 g of butter


  • 750 ml of heavy cream
  • Fresh lavender flowers
  • 25 ml of honey


1 – Place the cream in a mixer and whip with the whisk attachment until thick with soft peaks forming and eventually separating into fat solids and milk.

2 – Strain the liquid off through a sieve and form a ball with the butter. Make an ice bath with ice cubes and water in a large bowl, place the ball of butter inside and massage the butter in the water until all the milk solids have come out.

3 – Whisk the butter again and add the lavender flower petals and the honey, shape into a sausage and wrap with wax paper

For the sandwich:
Cut open mini baguettes, spread with the lavender butter and top with camembert, tie up with some string and grill on the a medium to hot fire until the cheese starts melting.