Laborie Rosé Strawberry Vanilla and Rose Petal Preserve

17 September 2018

Nothing announces spring like the first strawberries of the season! I love the subtle gentle flavour and combined in this recipe with rose petals, rosewater and vanilla makes for a sublime combination. Enjoy the preserve with toasted baguettes and goats cheese for a delectable aperitif or make a splash at breakfast with buttered croissants, camembert and Strawberry and Rose Petal preserve with a Laborie Rosé Spritzer…the possibilities are endless

Makes 4 125 ml jars of preserve

600 g of fresh strawberries sliced
Loose petals of 20 rose heads (should be washed and free of pesticides)
500 g of sugar
125 ml of rose water
45 ml of vanilla paste


1 – Place the strawberries and rose petals in a large pot and cover with the sugar, pour over the rose water and cook on a low heat until the sugar has turned to liquid.
2 – Turn the heat up to a medium setting and start soft boiling the preserve. Using a sugar thermometer cook the preserve until it reaches 120 degrees celsius.
3 – If you do not have a sugar thermometer just follow the above instructions keeping in mind that: temperatures and cooking conditions vary also with height above sea level and the moisture content in the air so keep on testing the boiling syrup by dropping half a teaspoon on a cold plate and let it run. The quicker the syrup sets and becomes thick the closer you are to the perfect consistency.