Strawberry Bellini

03 October 2018

A slightly sweeter twist on the classic Bellini with strawberries instead of peaches and perfectly
balanced with Laborie MCC Brut.

Serves 4

800 g Fresh Strawberries
150 g Sugar
1 Bottle Laborie MCC Brut
4 Fresh Cherries


1 – Blend the strawberries into a fine pulp.
2 – Add the strawberry pulp and the sugar into a pot on low heat. Stir constantly until the sugar
has dissolved and let cool.
3 – Once cooled, add 200ml of the pulp into a large champagne flute or coupe glass. You’ll have enough pulp for 4 servings.
4 – Finally, charge with ice cold Laborie MCC Brut.
5 – Garnish with a strawberry fan and a fresh cherry.
6 – Enjoy