Laborie offers five distinct ranges at the winery, each capturing a certain emotion. Choose between our special Jean Taillefert range, Limited Collection, Méthode Cap Classique, Estate Range and Fortified Wine and Brandy. For a cozy evening at home, we would suggest the Jean Taillefert Shiraz or the Estate Range Merlot. For the warmer months, our Estate Range Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect choice.

Our Méthode Cap Classique is the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion, whether you are celebrating an important birthday or just the end of the work week! Our Alambic brandy and Pineau de Laborie finishes off our wide variety of offerings. All of these wines are available online and at our cellar. Feel free to visit our tasting room, stay for a meal, and pick up some of your favourite Laborie products.